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About the Department

  • The Department of Microbiology was established in Sona College of Arts and Science in the academic year 2021, which offers UG Microbiology course with a mission of imparting quality education and to carry out research in Microbiology.
  • The tailor-made methodologies suit the current needs and are updated regularly.
  • Academic laboratory courses are shown to enable the students fathom the basics of science and also to initiate and improve the innovative technical skills.
  • Efforts are being undertaken to upgrade the department.
  • The Department aims to work with brim to build up the skills through education and also to concentrate on the societal development through certain extension activities.
  • A sound knowledge of microbiology gives students a foundation to the diagnosis and diseases.
  • Microbiology is an ever-expanding science which is structured to provide education about the microorganisms and their impact on the human body.
  • Microbiologists are needed to conduct the research required to fight infectious diseases in ¬†future.
  • The flagship of the Department has a team of efficient and well qualified faculty with innovative research background.