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About the Department

The Department of English is an effervescent community of students and academic staff, amalgamated with a passion for the subject. English is one of the most forthcoming degrees at Sona that provides an opportunity to explore an enlivening and extensive range of literatures written in English including poems, fiction, plays and essays. The course provides a high-level skills of eloquence, grandiloquence, critical analysis, adaptability, cultural understanding that will be crucial to success, both during and after graduation. The department incorporates newer ideas to meet the needs and the fascination of the changing world. It provides a strong foundation in literature and also makes the students acquaint the contemporary strands of literary standards of literary styles and theories.

The Department has never ceased to produce students, whose accumulation of merit is demonstrated not only by the constant good results every year, but also from the fact that they have found their careers of a kind that comprises authors, poets, journalists, language trainers, academicians and entrepreneurs in various walks of life. A number of cultural events are organized to enable the students to showcase their talents in divergent co-curricular and extra – curricular activities as the department is constituted on the basis of a vigorous and prolific teacher-student relationship.

Overview of the Department:

The English department elevates the plethora of understanding towards the goal of stirring students’ acquaintance and intrinsic worth. It extends its wing to evoke the students’ language proficiency through the LSRW skills and also elicits the appetency for gaining savvy and creativity through the commitment of the proficient staff members. Literature empowers the students’ communal to get into all domains of life and gives inclination to the artistic senses. The different genre of literature helps to know the diverse culture and ideas extensively.

Students’ communication and written skills are genteel according to the demands of emergent technology. It magnifies a wide platform for acute thinking and making them to find an elucidation for the glitches. The different skills has been brought out by the effective teaching and continuous evaluation. The department resources and the training are put together in a vibrant form and expects for a successful, specialized and steadfast individuals.