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Student Grievances Cell


The cell will deal with the complaints lodged by the any student regarding the academic, financial and any other matters.


  1. Attends the students on the receipt of written grievances
  2. Reviewing the grievances according the institute policy
  3. Reports the authority about the grievances and taking the required decisions.


  1. Encouraging the students to lodge their grievances
  2. Upholding the dignity of the college by ensuring rivalry free atmosphere in the campus.
  3. Promote the students to have cordial relationship among each other students.

Members of Student Grievances Cell Committee

  1. Dr.G.M.Kadhar Nawaz
  2. Dr.A.Suresh
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Computer Science
  3. Dr.G.Vijayaragavan
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Tamil
  4. Mrs. T.Subha
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Bio Technology
  5. Mrs.P.Umamaheswari
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Mathematics