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Disciplinary Committee


To enhance the characters of the student and make them to realize their social responsibility


  1. Prompting the students for regularly the presence to the classes in time.
  2. Promoting the students to come to college with neat appearance, and with neat dress code
  3. Promoting to develop a cordial relationship with every students


  1. Promoting the students to be in time.
  2. Encourages the students regular to the college.
  3. Looking after the students with neat dress code, and maintain discipline inside the campus.
  4. Encourage the students to develop good communication among each other.

Members of Disciplinary Committee

  1. Dr.G.M.Kadhar Nawaz
  2. Dr.R.Sathya
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Mathematics
  3. Mrs. M.Bhuvaneswari
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Biotechnology
  4. Mr.J.Senthilnathan
    Assistant Professor
    Department of English
  5. Mr.C.Jaganath
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Commerce